Well, I took a second trip to Chernobyl this year... Just too get a extra dose of radiation, of course:) You know, people ask me all the time about why the hell I keep going back to Chernobyl over and over again... GOOD QUESTION!!!! I belive it has something to do with the environment and the atmosphere in this area??!! It is so quiet and peaceful, yet a little bit scary:)

Take care my friends:)

chernobyl_small.jpg chernobyl2_small.jpg chernobyl3_small.jpg chernobyl4_small.jpg
chernobyl5_small.jpg chernobyl6_small.jpg chernobyl7_small.jpg chernobyl8_small.jpg
chernobyl9_small.jpg chernobyl10_small.jpg chernobyl11_small.jpg chernobyl12_small.jpg
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